Meet our Experts

We’re IKE. More than just the best end-to-end pole technology, when you work with IKE, you are supported every step of the way by a team of talented pole experts. A team that will never compromise your standard in delivering the best on any pole project.

We couldn't be in the pole business if we didn't have people that have been out in the field measuring thousands of poles. Our field teams know what it takes to collect pole data as fast as possible, both using IKE and using a height stick.

Field Expert

Every member of this experienced team can collect data at the pole and manage it through IKE Office into any back end system you can imagine. They know where the dots connect and how to make any deployment of IKE run smoothly from field to deliverable.

Solutions Engineering

We know that planning for thousands of miles of fiber is a herculean task at an executive level. That’s why our executive team dedicates time and effort to partner with the leadership of our most important customers to make sure that any large scale deployment makes perfect sense from a business standpoint.

Executive Partners

IKE is fast and easy to use, but each use case is different. Our support team is always available to solve any problem our customers have. Drop a device? They will send you a new one. Out in the field and need help collecting a pole? Call them up.

IKE Support

The complex world of poles intersects several industries including communications, utilities, and contractors. IKE's Joint Use Outreach team proactively connects the dots between different entities to ensure everyone is getting the most out of the IKE record.

Joint Use Outreach

Quality is the driving factor for our IKE Analyze team. They process poles from the field faster than ever while ensuring each and every one is accurate and complete.

VP IKE Analyze

We know how fast technology can change and how that can leave some people struggling to catch up. Our team of mad scientists looks way down the road to make the most advanced and efficient measurement technologies accessible to all of our customers.

Mad Scientists

Whether it is your first time with IKE or you are an old partner, the IKE account managers will be your gateway into IKE Solutions. They are here to listen, gather project details, and understand how best IKE could help complete your project faster.

Account Management

We made this website. We get people excited about poles. Thats pretty much it. See those above about real pole problems.


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